It’s Time to Show Some Tree-Love! – Bellevue WA Tree Service

It’s Time to Show Some Tree-Love! – Bellevue WA Tree Service

Spring has finally sprung in the Pacific Northwest! Folks are coming out of hibernation and opening their doors and windows for fresh air and a taste of the rain (and even a little sunshine!) that we all know and love. Days out in the yard are on the horizon and healthy, full trees will create an environment that you and your family will want to spend hours in.

Did you know…?

Temperatures on shaded ground can be anywhere from 10-30° cooler than unshaded ground, which can make for a much more pleasant afternoon in the yard when the weather starts to get warmer!

Prepping for Brighter Days

After the rough winter we experienced, your trees may need some serious T.L.C. to be warm-weather ready. Here’s a few things you can do to ensure your trees look wonderful and provide the shelter and enjoyment you’d like for the rest of the year:

Clean up your yard

Gather and dispose of debris generated over the winter; rake up twigs, leaves, fallen fruit, and pine needles; don’t let them rot on the ground around your trees.

Clean up your trees

Plan to remove any diseased or damaged large branches to prevent them from falling during spring rain or wind. If you see branches, or even full trees, that look a bit loose or shaky, give us a call and schedule an evaluation to make sure you’re not at risk for damage to your home or property. Don’t attempt to remove these yourself since this can cause further damage to your trees, your home, and even to you!

Mulch it up

Clear the grass from around the base of your trees, roughly a 3 foot radius depending on tree size. Pour and spread a natural mulch (bark pieces or wood chips are just fine) 2 to 4 inches deep around the tree, avoiding the trunk to prevent damaging moisture and heat from being held in against the tree.


Replenish your soils healthy microorganisms by calling us to apply mycorrhizae (literal translation: fungus-roots) and restore your soil’s healthy microorganism balance; read more about it here!

Water, water, everywhere! (Your trees need a drink)

On days that are warmer than usual, and when the rain doesn’t fall, deeply water the base of your trees. Focus especially on areas where salt or de-icers have been used over the winter; work to wash those chemicals through the soil and away from tree roots.

Healthy trees can provide many decades of enjoyment for you and your family. Taking proper care of your foliaged friends can prevent damage to your home and yard and leave your space useable and pleasant to spend time in.

It’s time to show some tree-love — your trees will love you back by staying healthy, growing strong, and providing peaceful shade for your summertime yard fun!

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